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The Evolution of Linux is a GPLed media project, which means that anyone can contribute to, copy or sell the documentary.

Right now we are in desperate need of the following footage:

Refund Windows day.  This protest took place all over the world, and we need your coverage.  If you attended a demonstration with your DV camera, let us know!

GNU/Linux users talking about GNU/Linux.  Grab your DV camera, round up your colleagues and go to a favorite bar or other hangout and talk about GNU/Linux, what is wrong with Microsoft, or take turns trying to explain in non-technical terms the difference between a kernel and a compiler.  Pass the camera around, and don't forget to get some shots of the setting. 

We're also looking for stories.  If you have an entertaining or enlightening story about GNU/Linux, email it to us for consideration.  If it's good, we'll run it on our front page.

Mail DV tapes to:

The Evolution of Linux
1275 University of Oregon
School of Journalism and Communication
312B Allen Hall
Eugene, OR 97401-1275

We promise to mail back tapes, but only if you ask us to!  We also can't be responsible for lost or damaged tapes.

Email us at:


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