(AcidGimp Controls Images Dynamically)
by Curtis Lee Fulton

Use AcidGimp to add all sorts of effects to your video footage, using the metaphor of an analog synth.

LATEST VERSION: 0.5 (beta)

ChangeLog-- 8/4/00, v0.5

Phase and Trigger inputs added to Sin, Saw and Square modules.

All modules now read and send ints 0-1999, rather then floats -100.0 - 100.0.

Square, Saw and Sin modules are much more acurate and consistant in relation to one another.

More maintainable code for Sin, Saw and Square modules.

Download AcidGimp.
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Download the preview for the documentary The Evolution of Linux, a three minute, 29.8M MPEG1 that uses the AcidGimp.

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